We are quite literally bombarded with a huge variety of energies from any number of different sources throughout the day - whether that be positive, negative, or neutral energy.  It all has a powerful affect on our energy body, which in turn affects our physical body, our mental and emotional experiences, and our spiritual connection.  When not filtered and worked with consciously, these energies can lead to physical ailments and disease, mental health issues, emotional issues, and a disconnect from our spiritual selves.  But - there are ways to take control of the energy in our environment and to support a more healthy, nourishing experience for ourselves.  We've compiled a list of our favorite tips, tricks, and tools that we utilize on a daily basis to keep us strong, vibrant, and in our power.  May they serve you well!*


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It is extremely important to protect your energy field from all of the ways it gets bombarded throughout the day - whether that be from a stressful work environment (or any work environment actually!), taking on other people's energy, traffic, being at the grocery store - anywhere there are other people and other influences - if you are around it, it is affecting you on some level.  Protecting your aura is vital and can make all the difference in the world.  But don't take our word for it!  See for yourself what happens when you test out any of the suggestions listed here.  A few dabs of essential oil on your pulse points and at your sacrum can make a world of difference and keep you protected.  And remember - when utilizing any of these tools to support your energy body, set an intention as you use them.  This 'charges' them and makes them ready for use.  It can be as simple as saying: "I set the intention for protection and energy support. Thank you!"

A few of our favs:

Basil | Frankincense | Sage | Myrrh | Ginger


There are many stones and crystals that have powerful protective and defensive energies.  We have compiled a list of our favorites here.  We keep stones in our car to protect us from road ragers, from electromagnetic frequencies, and to keep us safe; we grid our home and physical spaces (place crystals in each corner of the dwelling) with protective crystals and to fill our space with love and light; and we carry stones and crystals with us in our purses and pockets to protect us from all of the energies we run into on a daily basis.  This may sound excessive, but trust us – as you start to learn more about energy and how it works and you start to work with it more consciously, you start to understand the need to protect yourself from the huge variety of energies that are constantly affecting our experience.  The simple act of charging a piece of Jet with intention and carrying it with you in your pocket can drastically reduce the amount of stressful energies that permeate your energy field.  This is especially beneficial if you work in stressful situations, work with the public, or are taking care of children – it is just a lot of energy to work with and we can use all the help we can get!  These little crystals are powerful allies!  And especially important to befriend if you drink or utilize other substances (especially cannabis!), as doing so can leave your energy field especially vulnerable to outside forces.  Do yourself a favor and carry one of these stones!


Black Tourmaline | Black Tourmaline is a powerful spiritual grounding stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds, including psychic protection and EMF protection. It sucks up any negativity it encounters. However, it does not absorb negative energy; it actually transforms negative energy into positive energy. It balances and removes energy blockages within the aura and harmonizes and protects all chakras. It balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as the yin and yang energies. It encourages purification, energy clearing, positive outlook, self-confidence, happiness, awareness, and spiritual growth. Amazing!


Jet | Jet is not a crystal but a form of petrified wood similar to coal. Jet has absorbing qualities and helps draw out negative energy. Jet has been used as a protection stone for centuries; it has been used to dispel fearful thoughts and it protects the carrier from evil and violence. Jet’s powerful protection energies ward off evil, negativity, and protect against psychic attacks.  It is considered one of the most powerful absorbers of “negative energy” not just without, but within as well. As such, it is especially useful for depression. Unlike Black Tourmaline, Jet absorbs negative energies and should be cleansed regularly to remove the acquired negative energy and recharged by placing it in sea salt one night and among quartz crystals the next. Another cleansing manner is to bury the Jet in dirt overnight; a full or new moon can greatly assist with the cleansing.


Black Obsidian | Black Obsidian is a strong protective stone, capable of shielding its wearer from all sorts of negative energies including harmful electromagnetic frequencies in the environment. It blocks any incoming psychic attacks and removes negative spiritual influences and is a perfect companion for sensitive people. It helps one to let go of stress and anxiety and can help one stay calm and grounded.


Smoky Quartz | Smoky quartz transforms unlimited negative energy and is essential for spiritual or psychic protection. It can dissolve negative energy fields, caused by thoughts such as anger and resentment, before grounding them back to earth.  Excellent for cleansing and clearing your aura and energetic field.  Also great for countering excessive electromagnetic frequencies. 


Amethyst | Amethyst's high vibration will protect your energy field against psychic attack and negativity by raising your frequency to such that it no longer resonates with the lower, negative energies. Amethyst also transmutes negative energy into positive. Amethyst is known to support the curbing of addictions to substances, such as drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.  Remember to clear your amethyst from time to time by running it under water and/or saging it with the intention to clear negative energies.

Plants | Plant allies are amazing for clearing negative or stagnant energies from an environment.  We burn Frankincense and Dragon’s Blood resin on charcoal when a powerful and thorough cleanse is needed.  For every day clearing, we like to burn Sage bundles.  There are many other great resins, incenses, and plant-matter to utilize for this purpose, so explore your options and see what speaks to you the most.  Juniper, Palo Santo, Cedar and Rosemary are a few others to try out.  See what is local to your area and what plants are sustainably harvested. 


Your absolute number one best defense against negative energy is a healthy mind and body!  We feel super passionately about this and have already written a nice bit of info on it for our Incense, Crystals, and Tools page, so we will direct you in that direction.  You will definitely want to check it out!


We have both had our own experiences with intoxicants - some medicinal and some not. Some hallucinogens can definitely be used to treat traumas and can open our consciousness up to spiritual awareness and other dimensions. But, overall, we believe that intoxicants can do more harm than good, especially when on a spiritual path, when doing magick or when trying to work consciously with your energy body. Yes they can help one reach levels of awareness but these are generally for only a short time before they start to create more of an illusory experience for the user which can ultimately be harmful to the energy body and to spiritual growth. We have found that reaching these levels of awareness on your own, without intoxicants is so much more beneficial and substantial creating a more lasting and real experience for the aspirant.


So now we get to the part about protecting yourself and your energy. All intoxicants can be dangerous to one’s overall energy body, as well as to the physical body. Intoxicants open the energy field up making it more susceptible to negative energies and can also, if used excessively, keep one from moving out of a place of stagnation and suffering. Intoxicants can keep one’s mind, body and spirit muddy and mucky, inhibiting good health and the process of spiritual growth. The danger of addiction to these substances is all too real, which we both know from experience. Cannabis is one intoxicant that can be especially dangerous, and even more so now that it is legal in most states and declared medicine for so many ailments. If used on a daily basis, cannabis can deaden the senses and numb the overall awareness of the user leading to stagnation and lack of satisfaction and fulfillment in life. In regards to alcohol and other intoxicants, if you find yourself needing it or using it everyday to alleviate pain, suffering, depression or to "unwind," you may want to ask yourself if the medicine is helping or just numbing the ailment and not actually healing. Imbibing on occasion is one thing, but if it has turned into something that is required for a certain type of feeling every day, it may be time to step back and look at your usage and ask yourself if it is truly a beneficial ingredient in your life. We mention this because the usage of these intoxicants is so prevalent in today's world and can be quite a hindrance to real fulfillment and to living from our hearts.  Speaking from experience, we know there is a more nourishing path and we know how seductive and manipulative those intoxicants can be.  Use with extreme caution!


Many people complain about the negativity they encounter on social media – and this seriously confounds us.  We have control of the things that appear on our feed.  We get to choose who we follow and how we populate our feed.  If you are encountering negativity and find what is showing up to be upsetting for you, change your feed!  Clear out the people and topics that are bringing you down and sucking your energy.  Fill your feed with people who inspire you, lift you up, make your heart smile and feed your soul, not drain it!  You have the power.  Use it wisely!  Social media should be a joyful, positive, and enriching enhancement for your life.  And this really should carry over to all aspects of your life – fill your life with people and things who inspire, support, and nourish your journey.  It is important to be very conscious of this.  If you don’t make healthy decisions about what to surround yourself with, they will get made for you and may not necessarily be what you like.   Okay – can you tell we feel strongly about this one?!  It is all about empowerment for us and this is a huge area of our life that we all need to take control of!


Like the social media and the news, devices can wreak havoc on our energy body, which in turn causes all sorts of issues for our physical bodies.  Being that the amount of exposure to all of our devices is such a new thing, we have no idea what long-term effects they are having on our bodies.  Many studies have been done and are still being done.  And so far, it doesn’t look so good!  We are not meant to be around so many electromagnetic frequencies.  We need to do what we can to limit our exposure and protect ourselves from the potential damages.  We get how challenging this can be – especially if you live in a city, like we do, where we are being bombarded by these wireless energies that literally fill our air space and environment.  We cannot get away from it!  But we can take some precautions and actions to protect ourselves.  We grid our apartment (meaning we place stones in each corner of our dwelling) with smoky quartz and black tourmaline which help to absorb the EMFs and create a safe haven for us.  We have shungite disks on our laptops and cell phones which also absorb the harmful emissions and transmissions.  We also wear shungite around our necks, which seriously protects us from all of the energies flying through the air.  We turn our cellphones off when we go to bed.  We limit our time looking at screens.  We try to be as conscious as possible with our devices.  And oh yeah – we don’t have all of the “smart” electronics like TVs and such that are constantly on or are utilizing BlueTooth (something that is constantly pulling in more EMFs).  These are some of the ways that we are staying in our power and keeping our energy fields healthy and clear.  Again, there are many ways we can take control of our environment and our experience.  Be in your power!


While we have quite a bit of control over how we populate our social media feeds, the news media is quite a bit different.  Others have total control over that and they have an agenda – to keep us in a state of fear and anxiety.  The news is all about fear, fear, fear – and that wreaks total havoc on our energy body, our mental and emotional state, our spiritual connection, and ultimately our physical bodies, as they are a direct manifestation of our energy bodies.  We have been driving home the point of how strongly affected we are by the stress and anxiety that stems from living in a fear-based state and the news does nothing but perpetuate this.  We appreciate the desire to know more about what is going on in the world and to be informed, but it is vital that we realize that much of the information shared is not factual.  It is twisted and contorted to elicit a desired response from the viewers – it is a powerful tool used by the powers that be to keep us in a state of fear and not in a place of personal power.   We highly recommend seriously limiting or even omitting your intake of the news.  Your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic experiences will be so much healthier and happier!  But, like everything we have shared here, don’t take our words for it!  Try it out yourself.  Step away from the news for one week and see what happens, see how you feel.  Experiment.  The worst that could happen is you are without the news for a week (trust us – it will all be there when you return).  The best that could happen is that your stress and anxiety levels have drastically decreased, you are sleeping better, lighter in heart, and feel more empowered in the world.  Yay!  And if you do want to watch the news (we get it!), do your best to find reputable, trusted sources.  Do your research, ask around.  Find sources that are more neutral and aren’t pushing some sort of agenda.  Again, this is all about being in your power and choosing what you allow into your experience.  You have much more power than you realize – if you just step up and claim it!


Please refer to our Disclaimer page for all items listed above. Thank you!