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Gemstones for Sexual Healing

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The following is a little history on how my passion for healing with crystals and gemstones came about. This post was initially published elsewhere some time ago, but it fits here so perfectly that I edited it a little and reposted it here. Thought it would be nice to share some of the history behind Merkaba Heart! Enjoy!

I made a comment on an Instagram post some time back and it was well-received and somebody responded with a very nice comment which has inspired me to write this latest blog post. We talk quite a bit here on our website about working more intentionally with stones and crystals in spiritual practice and as part of our magick. [A little side-note here: the term magick can refer to many different ways that we express in our daily experience and it really comes down to our orientation to how we are living our daily lives. Is there intention, purpose, and presence in what one is doing? If so, one could easily say that one is performing magick.] So I started performing healing magick on myself with a number of stones and crystals some time ago and it all came about rather organically.

I do a writing practice every morning which came about after going through The Artist’s Way program (created by Julie Cameron) a few years ago during one of my annual pilgrimages to India. Truth be told, I didn’t actually finish the program (I think I made it to about week 8 – oops!), but the effects of it have been profound and life-changing none the less. [Perhaps one day I will go back and finish that! I hear the end is awesome!] Though I have tweaked it a bit to make it my own, I continue to do my ‘morning pages,’ and part of those pages consist of writing out a full page of affirmations for myself every morning. It was such a powerful experience during the program that I just continued it on a daily basis. Talk about magick! Seriously transformative!

And though that itself would make an excellent blog post, I will save that for a later date and get back to the topic at hand – gemstones and crystals! As I started to learn more about these little beings and their energies, I started holding them with me during my morning writing with the intention of aiding my process of opening up, being in my heart, and connecting with Source. As I learned more about different crystals, I started using them even more intentionally and started working with different ones to facilitate different experiences. At one point I started to learn that, in addition to support with spiritual growth and esoteric happenings, the gemstones are also great for working with physical ailments. So to test this out, I started to more intentionally incorporate crystals that might help heal the urinary tract infections that I kept experiencing. A quick search of the internet led me to discover that Carnelian, Amber, and Aquamarine might all be beneficial for bladder and urinary tract issues. Off to the local magick shop I went and found me just the gemstones I needed.

[So grateful to live in Portland, Oregon and have access to so many lovely shops! I will take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to one my favorite stores – Psychic Sister. I LOVE this place for the way it feels, for the aesthetics of the shop, and for the amazing women working there. I always feel so held and supported there! If you are not in the same boat with shop options near you, there are many wonderful online sources to find what you need.]

At one point, around the same time (the gemstones started speaking to me very loudly for a while there until they were sure they had my attention and I had amassed a fine little collection – I call them my super-powers!), I discovered Hematite, which is an extremely powerful stone known for its balancing, harmonizing, and grounding qualities. It helps to balance and align the chakras and supports connecting our energetic experience with our physical world. It also supports harmonizing and balancing of yin and yang energies, as it contains both within itself – male and female polarities. Part of my journey has been recognizing a tendency for many of us to swing too far in one direction and I have certainly experienced that in myself. I have very consciously been working to recognize, strengthen, and harmonize the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in myself, hence my working with this stone. If you are familiar with Hematite, you might be aware that it can act like a magnet when placed with another piece of Hematite. It was natural for me to intuit that when used on the body, that magnetic energy is helping to displace and balance energy, supporting movement where there is stagnation and helping to clear blockages. It seemed like the perfect thing to use in conjunction with the UTI gemstones.

With all of my chosen crystals in hand, I sat down to do my morning writing practice. I placed one piece of Hematite on either side of my pelvis, sort of resting in the crook near my hip joints, and then I placed the Carnelian, Amber, and Aquamarine on my lower abdomen over where my bladder, urinary tract, uterus, and sexual organs reside. I communed with the stones, setting my intention and asking for their help and support in clearing the issues I was having with my bladder and urinary tract. I feel this is an extremely important part of working with these beings – asking for their support, setting intention, and offering so much gratitude for their supporting us on our journey. So that is what I did. It didn’t take long sitting there before I started feeling movement in my pelvis – energy movement, gurgling, different types of sensations. Very exciting! The Hematite felt like it was pulling the energies of the other stones through my pelvis (that is the vision that came to mind anyway) and I could tell that powerful things were happening. Though I didn’t know for sure, I trusted that it was all positive movement and would have beneficial outcomes.

I continued this the next day during my writing practice with the same type of sensations and energy movement. I continued to set intentions and thank the gemstones for their support. I think it was even as soon as the second treatment that I started having some very strange and cathartic dreams. Very strange sexually-themed dreams and not entirely pleasant, truth be told. I understood very quickly though that they were purging, cleansing, and clearing dreams and that they were linked to the treatments I had been doing with the gemstones. I started researching them more and discovered how beneficial they are for healing issues surrounding sexual trauma and abuse and for clearing negative sexual energies – healing the second chakra (Svadhisthana), removing blockages, clearing stagnation. And seriously wow. That is exactly what they were doing for me – without my even setting off on this part of the journey intentionally.

The experiences I was having led me to want to work more intentionally with this situation so I started researching more gemstones that support sexual healing. Throughout the course of my learning about stones, I had acquired a few books to support me in the process, but they all felt fairly vague to me and didn’t go into the detail that I wanted and oftentimes they focused more on physical healing properties rather than the spiritual properties, which is what I was mostly interested in. On one of my visits to Psychic Sister, I came across the Holy Grail of gemstone books and it has changed my life. Not kidding. The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian is just an absolute wealth of information on nearly 400 stones. The history of their usage, where they are found, their physical healing properties, their metaphysical properties, and which chakra they support – in excellent detail. I love this book!!! I don’t imagine I will ever look at another stone book again. Okay, well maybe. But seriously, if you are interested in working with these beings, do yourself a favor and buy this book. It will bust it all wide open for you. The glossary breaks it all down into both physical and metaphysical properties in such an easy to search manner. Looking for a stone to aid in working with humility? It’s listed there. A stone to support finding a hidden talent? It’s in there. A stone to support lucid dreaming? Yep, that is listed too! And then there are all the physical aspects listed out as well – working with heart, liver, warts, infertility, you name it. My point being that it is all super organized and detailed in a way that I’ve not experienced with any other book – you don’t have to search through a ton of information to find what you are looking for. It is all pinpointed right there. I utilize this resource constantly to support my magickal workings, my spiritual practice, and going through my daily life. It is absolutely amazing. So, yeah, get this book!

Okay, back to the topic at hand – gemstones for sexual healing. My research led me to Orange Calcite, Red Jasper, and Orange Kyanite – a particularly powerful stone for clearing negative energies from the second chakra, accrued during this lifetime, as well as previous lifetimes. So I went searching for these little beauties to add to my sexual healing regimen. Both Orange Calcite and Red Jasper are fairly easy to obtain, but the Orange Kyanite took a bit more searching around town – I finally found it at The Gold Door and oh am I glad I did. This is a seriously powerful stone! [I’ll explain more shortly.]

I continued on with my morning sessions, setting my intentions for healing my sexual organs, releasing any negative energy stored there, clearing the energies, and opening to creativity (which, when the second chakra is flowing properly, is what naturally manifests). The Book of Stones says that the second chakra is the seat of our sexual and creative energies. Indeed! I continued to notice changes in my physical experience of sexual activity (less pain, greater sensation, more freedom in my energy) and also an increased level of desire for sexual activity. I felt less defensive and more engaged. I recognize more and more how much I have embodied a defensive stance in my pelvic region and I now realize that was causing a lot of the pain and urinary tract infections that I was experiencing – I was always ready for a physical issue which had me very guarded.

Around this time I received an email from an energy healer that I had worked with previously for a number of sessions that was a great support for me on my healing journey, removing and helping me to release a ton of negative energy that I had been carrying around with me since birth (I was put up for adoption at birth and that led to all sorts of issues for me, but we can explore that perhaps during a different post) and that I had accumulated throughout my lifetime. Again, we can get into that more later, as I would love to share more with you all at some point. Anyway, here was this healer, just reaching out to say hi and see how I was doing. Such interesting timing. I know that nothing happens by accident and everything, absolutely everything, is divinely timed and I know to listen to the messages when they arrive, so I knew that his reaching out was not a coincidence and that I needed to book a session with him – and I had been wanting my husband to meet with him as well, as I knew he would benefit greatly from some energy healing. So I set us each up with a healing session for the following week. This healer works remotely from Australia (how awesome is that?!) and I have actually never met him in person. Amazing how energy and intention works! We can save quantum physics for another post though too. Ha!

So, how this works is the healer and I connect via Zoom for a bit and chat for a while, then he goes in and does what he does, seeing what negative energy needs to be removed and he removes it. I don’t actually know exactly how he does this, but it doesn’t really matter that I don’t know – all that matters is that I know it works! These sessions happen in the evening, so after we finish talking online, we say our goodbyes and then I head to bed to lay down and relax, reading a bit before sleeping, while he does the session remotely. During this particular session, I felt a bit of cramping in my pelvic area and knew that something was shifting. I always get so excited to check my inbox the next day, because I always receive an email after the session to let me know what was found and what was removed. Sure enough, the next day, I get the email explaining that a great deal of sexual trauma was removed from my pelvic region – a great deal of sexual abuse from previous lifetimes. What…?! Seriously? Wow. I had no idea that I was carrying that around. And I thought immediately of all the stone work I had been doing and especially about the Orange Kyanite that very specifically works with sexual healing from both this current lifetime and previous lifetimes. No kidding! These gemstones are some very seriously powerful beings.

So much has come to pass since I started on this sexual healing journey some time ago. You know that saying we’ve heard forever – yep, that hindsight thing. It really is quite amazing to look back and see how much has transpired since starting to work very intentionally with those first few stones. We tend to want results right away and we look for these big signs that say, “Yes, this is working in a big way!” But really, the effects, the energy shifts, and the healing all move much more slowly and more subtly than what we are expecting and looking for. This issues that need healing didn’t happen overnight, so we can’t expect that the healing is going to happen overnight.

The further along on my journey I travel, the more and more I appreciate that slow and steady wins the race. Commitment and consistency are key. Faith and confidence in the process are paramount. I can very easily see now, looking back, how it all came together and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to lead up to this powerful ease and freedom I am experiencing now in my body. Working intentionally and consistently with one stone opened me up to the wisdom of that stone which led me to work with another stone, further opening me up to additional wisdom, which led to the next healing step on the journey, which opened up to the energy healer's email, which opened up to more healing and purging and on it goes. And this is how the gemstones work – they subtly shift our energy body and open us up to the messages we need to hear and the steps we need to take to align more fully with their wisdom and their energetic frequency. It is a powerful, powerful process if we can sit still long enough to let them do their thing. Commune with them, open to them, talk to them, and align with them. They have great wisdom to share – wisdom of the Earth and of the cosmos. And they have great healing properties – if we can open to them and allow them to work their magick on us.

I am so excited to be sharing about this part of my journey and hope you find inspiration in it. The freedom I experienced in my pelvic region is quite profound. I am no longer experiencing urinary tract issues; the frequency of my urinating has greatly decreased (it has been a huge issue for my entire life!); I am no longer experiencing pain during intercourse; I have more sensation during intercourse; my body is less defensive; my creativity is heightened; I feel a huge shift in my energy body with a more open flow and less stagnation; I don’t have the same fear and tension I previously experienced during sexual activity (I actually didn’t realize how much that was happening until now that I am not experiencing it); and the pH in my vagina is so much more healthy. Some of this I simply cannot put into words, but I suppose freedom is the best way I can describe it. Freedom and flow. And my desire for sexual activity has increased as well which feels so much more healthy to me, as I felt out of alignment with my level of desire previously. My mental and physical desire didn’t match up – I wanted to feel more desire, but my body was not cooperating.

I know that so many of us struggle with a blockages and stagnation in our pelvic region and in our second chakra. We hold so much of our tension here and we store up emotional pain and trauma in this region. It greatly affects our sexual expression and our creative abilities and powers. We are sexual beings and when we are not experiencing our sexuality in a healthy way, it profoundly affects many areas of our lives and our relationships with others – not just sexual relationships mind you, but it affects how we experience other people and causes us to be defensive and guarded when our energy is not flowing freely. A healthy second chakra supports healthy boundaries, a healthy relationship to pleasure, and enhanced access to our creative powers. And very importantly – a healthy reproductive system, healthy sexual organs, and a healthy urinary tract system.

I want to take a moment here to say that when I talk about “experiencing our sexuality in a healthy way,” this does not presume any specific ideal sexual expression. We can experience healthy sexuality without having any sexual relations with anybody. When I talk about sexuality, I am not simply referring to the act of engaging in sex. I mean that we are free to express in any way that feels right for us without feeling restricted in any way or untrue to ourselves in any way – and this can fall anywhere on the scale from abstinence to engagement with a number of partners. There are no rules here! Only that we are not acting from a place of societally sanctioned norms, from old patterning and unhealthy belief systems, or from any fear or shame-based state of being. It might be difficult for us to even know what that looks like for ourselves, as these patterns, behaviors, and thought-processes are so ingrained in our experience and we hold them unconsciously in our bodies. How do we know what healthy sexuality is for ourselves when we’ve never experienced it before and we lack good role models? This is a big part of what I am learning from my healing journey with the stones.

Here is a list of favorite gemstones I work with to promote sexual healing. They have brought about this huge transformation and healing for me (and now for others as well, as I offer sessions geared specifically to healing the sacral chakra):

  • Orange Kyanite

  • Red Jasper

  • Carnelian

  • Orange Calcite

  • Citrine (try to get natural citrine, not the heat-treated citrine – you will probably need to find this online)

  • Amber

  • Aquamarine

  • Hematite (which, as mentioned previously, I place on either side of my pelvis in the crease that forms at the hip area)

You’ll notice that the majority of these gemstones are similar in color. An awesome thing about gemstones is that they tend to align with the color of the chakra that they are most supportive of. The color associated with the second chakra (Svadhisthana chakra) is orange, like most of the stones listed here. Pretty cool huh?! The other very cool thing about working with gemstones is that they tend to speak to you in a very personal way, so feel free to branch out and do your own exploring. See which ones speak to you and trust your intuition – that is how they communicate with us!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. Best to you on your journey! I hope the stones speak to you. And feel free to share any of your own healing experiences with these amazing beings. I would love to hear!


Xo ~ Saidi

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