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A Holistic Approach

During my writing practice this morning, I was talking to my guides and expressing gratitude for having gotten up at a decent time this AM. Initially I reset my alarm for an hour later because I was just still so sleepy at the time it was supposed to go off, but thankfully my body ended up ready for the day and my writing happened. If I do this though, if I set my alarm for an hour later, that means I forfeit my writing practice, which I abhor doing, but lately it has just felt a bit more challenging to get up on time. Sometimes our bodies just need more sleep! Sometimes the astrology is especially intense and it can mean we need to allow ourselves more down time, more regeneration time, more time to reboot. This feels like that right now. I am forever trying to take it easy on myself when my body sends me these messages and forces me to ease up a bit. It is challenging though, as I want to be the one in control and I want to do all the things I want to do in a day!

This all got me reflecting on the teaching we had last night and when I say “we,” I mean my husband and I. We have been watching a series called Mystery Teachings on Gaia and we are pretty dang inspired by it all. Lots of quantum physics and teachings on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Right up our alley. This particular episode talked a bit about cycles and the need to honor them and work with them vs. working against them, as we humans tend to do. What goes up must come down. What ebbs, flows. What comes in, goes out. You get the point. We tend to want to maintain those high points however and maintain consistent states of activity and creative output – and then we get all upset when the inevitable shift occurs. We get attached to certain states of being, then experience suffering when they change. The low energy or not-so-pleasant mood returns; the creativity stops flowing; inspiration ceases. And we wonder what went wrong. Nothing went wrong. It is just the natural way of things, the natural cycles to life and to energy.

What we need to do is get better at recognizing these cycles and moving with them rather than against them. When we feel inspired and creative, create. When we feel like going inward and having a bit more down time, do that. Honor the truth of our energy and our body’s actual experience. Not so easy in a society that promotes and celebrates the overachieving and overdoing, the constant productivity and output. This is part of our big lesson right now though – recognizing the huge imbalance that has been at play for too long now, seeing the repercussions of that imbalance and reassessing how we utilize our energy and work with the very real and natural cycles of nature, of our bodies, of the planets, of relationships, of everything. COVID has given us this amazing gift of reboot – it has removed much of what was getting in the way of our seeing our natural cycles. We’ve been working with man-made structures and constructs for too long and now that many of those structures and distractions are removed, we get to see more of the reality of our situation and start to work more with our natural rhythms. This can be a rather jarring experience to say the least. Ultimately beneficial though, I trust.

Upon further contemplation, I think it is jarring because we do get to see more of the reality of our situation. When we are following man-made constructs and unnatural rhythms, once they are removed, we start to feel our actual discomfort at a much more heightened level. The distractions are gone, so we start to see the truth of our experience. We start to recognize how out of balance our energy truly is. Of course this will depend greatly on how much we have already been consciously working with our energy – body, mind and spirit. For people who have been maintaining practices that support a healthy energy body, the transition will be much more fluid and smooth, as the energy body is already more open, flowing and adaptable. For those who have been neglecting certain aspects of health and wellness, the energy body is most likely constricted, stagnant and blocked in many ways. This makes for a more constricted, stagnant and blocked ability to adapt to changing circumstances, to navigate changes more smoothly and to have the ability to go with the new flow of energy. It occurred to me during my practice this morning, and after having heard that teaching last night, just how much our energy body plays into our experience of working with cycles.

When starting my spiritual path many years back, this was the main foundation of the tradition I was studying. We learned a great deal about how to work with our energy body and learned many practices for supporting a more healthy flow of energy through our energy channels and meridians. Everything was explained, related to and worked with from an energetic perspective. When our energy is flowing, we are more in alignment and harmony with ourselves and with others, with the environment, with nature, with Spirit. When our energy is blocked, restricted, and stagnant, we experience tension, anxiety, lethargy, and lack harmony with our environment and the people in it. When energy is stuck and blocked, we tend to get stuck in the same situations over and over again, repeating the same behaviors, the same unhealthy relationships, the same unfulfilling life experiences. There was no judgment to any of this, it was just simply explained as the way that energy works. The practices learned supported working more consciously with our energy in an attempt to loosen up the blockages and create more flow, to create more ease and spontaneity in our life experience. Meditation, pranayama (working with the breath), kriya yoga (working with energy) – all support this experience of healthier energetic flow. And it worked.

I started having a much different experience of the world and the people in it. I started getting more in the flow of it all instead of working against it. Clearing stagnation and opening up the blockages made for a much smoother experience and greater ability to move through my day in greater harmony with daily happenings and events and people. I started having a much better understanding of what was creating the blockages and what was promoting flow. I started making healthier choices for myself that supported the harmony vs. choices that supported restriction. My diet changed and got more in alignment with what supported harmony and flow; my daily schedule and routine changed and got more in alignment with what supported better harmony and flow; and the people I chose to spend time with changed and got more in alignment with what supported harmony and flow. And this all actually happened pretty smoothly and naturally once I started to consciously work with my energy body.

As we start the process of consciously trying to move into alignment and harmony with nature, events and circumstances start naturally organizing themselves around us to support the alignment. And this works both ways of course – when we start heading in the other direction towards stagnation and blockages, our circumstances organize themselves to support that experience as well. We have a great deal of power and our energy has great momentum towards whatever direction we point it in. The idea is to be very conscious and aware of the direction we are pointing it. Which is exactly the point of doing the practices mentioned above – to consciously point the energy in a direction of harmony and flow.

The reason we are so passionate here about energy work is that we know how drastically different our experience can be when we clear stagnation and blockages from our energy body. This isn’t a fix-all mind you. It is a support for you in your process of getting in alignment with the harmony and flow. We can remove energy blockages and ease up tensions, but if you don’t make choices and changes and adopt practices to support the flow, the tensions and blockages will sneak right back in. Energy healing is meant to support and aid a process, it is not a substitute for making healthy lifestyle choices. We still have to incorporate practices that support the flow: eat healthy foods that are good for our particular constitution, spend time around healthy nourishing people, practice meditation, get out into nature, move our bodies, engage our mind with nourishing activities.

Energy healing can be of huge benefit for clearing out old long-held traumas and belief systems that are getting in the way of living a life of joy and fulfillment. Oftentimes clearing those energies opens the door for us to start making the healthy changes that will support a healthy lifestyle. Energy healing can cut through and remove some of the blockages and trauma that are making it difficult to start making healthy decisions for ourselves. It can be a real reboot! Some of those energies are just simply too heavy to move through on our own and need some added help. And no amount of talk therapy can move us through them because our energy body is beyond logic and reasoning and thinking. Much of the time it is more beneficial to simply remove the energy rather than talk it to death. Of course we recognize that sometimes talking through issues can bring about great insight and understanding as well. One of the favorite things a previous teacher used to say: “Don’t fight the tigers.” Meaning that some issues are just not worth the time and energy. Don’t expend precious time, resources, and energy fighting old crap and reliving old stories and scenarios. Know when to use the tools available. Tools like energy healing that can cut right through a great deal of it!

I feel it is important to reiterate and make very clear that energy healing can do absolutely profound things to support us on our path towards emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness, but it is definitely a tool to be utilized in conjunction with other tools, as a support, not a stand-alone modality. It can be just the tool we need to get through blockages and stagnation that might not move on their own or would simply take way too long to do so. As mentioned previously, energy healing can remove the blockages and trauma that are getting in the way of our making more healthy choices for ourselves. It can set the stage for us to get headed in the right direction. It can be the perfect complement to other practices we are working with. It can free us up from old energies that are hindering our progress.

The wording we use on our site touting how amazing energy healing is all absolutely true and we stand behind it, but we feel it is important that people understand it is meant to be a support and is meant to be used in conjunction with other healthy life choices and practices. We support and promote a holistic approach to walking these life paths we are all on. We are grateful to support you with the particular modalities we have chosen to work with as they have been so hugely beneficial for us on our own paths. We are passionate about the work we are doing! If you are looking for more inspiration and tools that have worked great for us, we have compiled an awesome list of books, teachers, tools, tips and more – we invite you to check them out on the Inspiration page of our site. We also have some excellent tips and tools listed on our Safeguards page that are intended to support and maintain your healthy energy body. Thank you so much for reading! Best to you and, as always, we welcome any questions, comments, or feedback.

Namaste friends! ~ Saidi

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