Merkaba Heart

The Merkaba symbol is composed of two-star tetrahedrons – one pointing up, one pointing down.  This symbol started making itself known to us through various spiritual practices that we’ve been engaged with.

The upward and downward facing tetrahedrons have come to symbolize many elements for us:

  • Divine Feminine (downward pointing) and Divine Masculine (upward pointing)

  • Spirit and matter

  • Shadow and Light

  • Positive and negative energies

  • The lower chakras and the higher chakras


This is the duality that the human experience is so comprised of.   


The Heart is the meeting place of all of these energies – the place where we bring them all together in harmony, balance and union – the place where duality dissolves and where we know Ultimate Oneness.


This is the spiritual journey.  The journey back to our hearts.  The journey back to Love.


This is the journey that we are on and the journey that we wish to support others on.  We see this symbol and we know and understand our path.  It aligns us with our True Will.  It reminds us of our Ultimate Goal.  Regardless of the challenges and perils of our human lives, we know this is the Ultimate Reality – the perfect union, harmony, and balance of all of our dualistic experiences.  The perfect union, harmony, and balance that is LOVE. 


Sound a little ‘woo-woo’?  Yeah, we know!  And trust us, this isn’t our everyday lived experience, but we have seen it, we have tasted it, we know it exists.  And we know we couldn’t live our lives any other way than to continuously strive to get more in alignment with this fundamental Truth and Reality.  It is that glorious and that powerful!  So thank you for joining us on our journey. A favorite quote that sums it all up for us:

“We are all just walking each other home…” ~~~ Ram Dass     

Merkaba Heart


I have always felt a calling to work with others on a spiritual level. I started working with others as a professional body piercer in 1986. I found a true connection to the ancient people and cultures that were doing piercing as rites of passage, ceremonial markings and ways to connect with spirit and magick, along with the beauty of adornment. Through my years of practice, spiritual and esoteric study, I was always looking for a way to bring ritual and magick back into the piercing and it eventually developed into ritual piercing practice which served to support people with releasing trauma and blockages, mark important events and times in their lives and help them connect to the here and now – a very powerful practice in itself. I also brought sound into the mix using tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and didgeridoos (the oldest known sound healing tool). I eventually started working with other practitioners of various forms of massage, energy work and Reiki who would support my client while I was performing the piercing.


After receiving reports of profound positive experiences from my clients, I decided to embark on my own path of study in the art of energy work so that I could provide the entire experience myself. I no longer do body piercing, instead preferring to focus on energy work using crystals, tuning forks and Reiki and I continue to use didgeridoos, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles and flutes. I definitely have a passion for sound and the magickal and healing properties that it can produce. Sound is energy, we are made of energy. Sound can have a profound effect on our energy and state of being. 


I understand what its like to have blocked energy and traumatic wounds and be in a dark place that truly affects your life and well being. Having dealt with my own blockages and experienced the effectiveness of having my own energy field cleared and balanced and having stagnant energy cleared, cleansed and removed from my chakras, I know what a powerful and healing experience it is to realign yourself with your True Will and purpose in life and to regain health and well being on a physical, energetic and spiritual level. We are made of energy and we are effected everyday by different outputs of energy that can wreak havoc on our own energy field and chakras, not to mention our nervous system. The effects of traumas that happen throughout our lives can create stagnant energy in our energy field and chakras that can cause a multitude of symptoms ranging from pain, discomfort, depression, poor digestion and sleep disorders just to name a few.

My goal is to support others on their journey towards healing and growth and to help them embody the divine masculine/feminine within themselves – to truly be in their own power and strength so that they may live rich fulfilling lives filled with love, light and happiness, free from the restrictions of blocked, stagnant energy and past traumas - free from pain and discomfort mentally, physically and spiritually. I am an ordained Minister and have practiced ceremonial magick and nature magick for over 30 years and I am very passionate about energy healing because I know that it works and how powerful it is. I also perform weddings, funerals and offer spiritual guidance. I enjoy playing the didgeridoo, drumming, hiking and being in nature and spending time with my beautiful wife Saidi.


I look forward to meeting you and working together on your healing journey.

Merkaba Heart


So – about me – where to begin?  Birth sounds like a great place for a beginning!  It was a challenging one to say the least, as I was put up for adoption and separated from my birth mother upon my first moments of entering this Earthly realm.  It is pretty safe to say that I did not deal with the pain of this loss very well.  More accurately, I suffered and struggled horribly for many years searching for any way to escape the pain.  This searching led me to some pretty dark places: drugs, alcohol, jail, rehabilitation centers, homeless and living on the streets, abusive relationships, horrible lack of self-esteem, guilt, shame, intense fears, emptiness, feelings of being lost and alone, and completely devoid of any spiritual connection.  It was not until a year or so into my educational pursuits, after being clean and sober for some time, that I started to understand that I had been working my way through an extremely intense grieving process since birth.  My newfound knowledge and understanding about the grieving process, coupled with the realizations and awakenings I was experiencing as I continued along my new spiritual path, led me to deep understandings of the human condition, the grief and suffering we all experience, and the powerful need for spiritual connection that so many of us lack in this society.  The further along my spiritual path I went, the greater my understanding of how working intentionally with our energy bodies supports our healing process and our reconnection with Source.

I have now dedicated my life to my spiritual path and to learning how I can best support others as they move along their path towards greater Love and Light.  I maintain a daily spiritual practice, make annual pilgrimages to India, and am constantly engaged with learning more about the spiritual traditions I follow.  I have earned an Associate’s degree in Gerontology, a Bachelor’s in Social Work, and am currently three classes away from earning my Master’s in Thanatology, the study of death and dying – which focuses a great deal on how to support people through grief and bereavement.  I am especially inspired by the spiritual aspects of death and how loss can be a catalyst for spiritual growth.  I feel a great calling to support people through non-death loss, as I suffered through it for so many years and now believe it was an integral part of my spiritual path - kind of that whole Persephone into the Underworld type of deal! 

I am especially called to support women as they have suffered so much loss in relation to the distorted views of the patriarchal, religious societies that have seriously repressed us.  I recognize that we have all suffered deeply from these views though – feminine and masculine experiences arise together.  I am committed to supporting our reunion with a healthy spirituality and a healthy expression of our true selves. Again, I have found working directly with our energy bodies to bring about the most profound healing and transformation, which is why I feel so passionately about supporting others with these energy healing modalities.  I’m excited that you have found your way here.  I have absolute confidence that everything happens for a reason and precisely when it is supposed to.  If you found your way here, you are ready for this type of support.  Welcome and thank you for journeying with us!  We look forward to meeting you!