Most of our sessions are conducted by both Saidi and Asante together - two practitioners working together creates a unique and extremely rich, layered healing experience.


We have many energy centers in the body, commonly referred to as chakras, as well as a large field of energy surrounding and permeating our body.  All sorts of life circumstances can cause our energy to become imbalanced, out of alignment, stagnant, and not functioning in a fully healthy manner.  This can lead to a feeling of ungroundedness, with no sense of belonging, shut off from our creativity and from a healthy expression of our sexuality, disempowered, with a low sense of self-worth, feeling unloved and unlovable, disconnected from Source and from our spirituality, unable to speak our truths – or to even recognize our own truths, and giving all of our energy/power away. And oh yeah – dealing with all sorts of physical ailments on top of it all!  Yikes! 

Not to worry though!  All of our sessions are geared towards restoring balance, clearing fears, negativity and stagnation, and strengthening your energy centers - ultimately aligning you with your power and with your heart, connecting you to your passion and your creativity, and supporting healthier physical functioning, healthier mental state and healthier sexual expression.  Each session highlights a different modality to provide specialized care for the experience you feel most called to.

In an attempt to make our sessions accessible to a wider range of people, we have incorporated a sliding scale payment option on both our Healing Divine Feminine and Healing Divine Masculine sessions at the bottom of the page.  Now you can decide what makes the most sense for you given your current situation.  We know times have been challenging lately and this is precisely when we need energy support the most, so we hope this helps.  We are honored to be a part of your journey!






In-person and distance sessions available

$250 | 90 to 120 minutes

Two energy healing practitioners and a harmonious blend of energy healing modalities all converge to create this powerful and effective session.  Crystals are made up of very powerful energies that support our chakras by helping them to release stagnant, unhealthy energies and to realign with their more positive, healthy expressions.  We utilize specific stones and crystals customized to your energy body to clear and release toxins from the energy centers, then facilitate their alignment with healthy functioning, opening up your creativity, promoting a strong sense of belonging and self-worth, and aligning with a deeper experience of love and spiritual connection.  The incorporation of sound, crystal bowls, tuning forks and Reiki super-charge this session, creating a rich, layered healing experience that is uniquely yours.  Step into your authentic Self and into your empowerment!*

Tuning Forks


In-person and distance sessions available

$250 | 90 to 120 minutes

This session utilizes sound and tuning forks to cleanse and clear the energy field around your body.  This is an extremely powerful energy healing modality that clears stagnation, blockages, traumas, and all sorts of challenges that might be hanging out in your energy field.  We carry everything that has ever happened to us in our aura - even going back to our birth.  All of our life circumstances contribute to the experiences we are having now.  The vibrations, frequencies, and harmonics of sound supports the restoration of your energy field to a healthy state which can clear up all sorts of issues on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.*  Highly recommended!

Merkaba Heart



$250 | 90 to 120 minutes

We are made of energy. Sound is a very effective way to create harmonious vibrations throughout the body and energy field. Using sound modalities such as drums, rattles, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo and tuning forks, as well as voice, we invite the you to relax into a journey towards Self. Just lay back and relax as the sounds naturally smooth out any tension or worry in your body and energy field. Heated stones, crystals and Reiki all aid in this session to help detoxify, cleanse, and support your energy body. This is a gentle yet powerful way to balance your energies and remove stress.*



In-person and distance sessions available

Sliding scale $144 to $244 | 90 to 120 minutes

OFFERED BY ASANTE FOR MEN ONLY:  Being a healthy well-adjusted man in today’s world can be a very difficult thing, with so many of us growing up without a proper male role model in our lives as well as all of the unhealthy masculine displayed all around us in media, advertising, music and even within our own families. With a lack of teachings and no rites of passage to recognize the change of cycles from boy to man it can be very difficult to even know what Divine Masculine is.

Healthy Divine Masculine qualities include strength, courage, leadership, being in touch with our emotions, connection to The Universe (Source, God, The Divine), taking responsibility for our own lives, confidence, compassion, creativity, and the ability to take action – just to name a few. When these qualities are blocked due to wounds or lack of support, they show up as negative traits such as anger, blame, addiction, bullying, depression, fear, low self-worth, insecurity, unhealthy ego, unhealthy sexual expression, and immaturity which can keep us from aligning with our true creative successful selves. With proper support we can heal these wounds that stem from childhood and beyond to reclaim the Divine Masculine and start embodying qualities that encourage growth, love, healing, maturity and spiritual connection.  We can align ourselves with a healthier, more confident, emotionally balanced state of being. I would be honored and grateful to support you on your path of self-discovery and healing.

Mt. Hood Meadows


$75 | 60 minutes

Wondering what its all about and looking to discuss it with another like-minded individual?  Curious about a new direction and looking for guidance?  Or maybe you just need someone to listen as you bounce around some ideas.  This being human thing can be challenging at best, and heart-breaking and traumatic at worst.  We've been there and we have found our way through some pretty heavy stuff.  Our lives are now 100% dedicated to our spiritual paths and to supporting fellow seekers - seekers of Love, Light, Truth.  We've learned a thing or two along the way and are thrilled to offer our wisdom, offer suggestions and spiritual practices, and lend an empathetic ear.*

Koi Fish


For All Sessions Listed Above

Please refer to our Disclaimer page. Thank you!

Spiral Goddess


In-person and distance sessions available

Sliding scale $144 to $244 | 90 to 120 minutes

OFFERED BY SAIDI FOR WOMEN ONLY:  Growing up in our patriarchal world has caused great dysfunction in our authentic expression as women.  The implications are complex and extremely challenging.  We have been deeply cutoff from our power and vitality, from our healthy sexual expression and life force energy, our creativity, our truth, and from being strong in our voice.  This affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  We are in need of serious healing and support to return to our authentic selves, strong in our Divine Feminine power, strong in our truth.  The most powerful way to do this is to work with our energy body to release the pain, trauma, and repression that we carry - that is indeed the foundation of our existence due to the intergenerational trauma that runs through our very DNA. We must get beyond the story and blame of our trauma and work with it at an energetic level.  Powerful healing is possible when we clear the fearful, traumatic energy, then heal and rebalance our chakras. This session utilizes crystal therapy, Reiki, sound therapy and other modalities to support the clearing of negative energies, then supports healthy functioning by rebalancing and restoring our chakras to optimal wellness.  Reclaiming your power and a healthy relationship to your sexuality is absolutely possible!  I am honored to support you in your process.