Glen Velez

Frame drum percussionist.

Internal Combustion is Glen’s second album and it is amazing.

Also: Rhythm of the Chakras: Drumming for the Bodies Energy Centers is definitely worth checking out.

Maneesh de Moor

Electronic music from the heart that soothes the soul.

One of our favs is his album titled Sadhana

Mamaday Kieta- West African Djembefola

A master of the West African Djembe hand drum.

If this doesn’t get you moving, nothing will.

Check out albums: Nankama and Mamaday Keita & Sewa Kan live @ Couleur Café


Bryn Jones created amazing music blending middle eastern, arab and Indian rhythms along with electronic minimalism.

All of his stuff is gold, but for new listeners, check out albums:

Islamic Songs


Mullah Said

Hand of Fatima

You will know immediately if it resonates with you.

Dead Can Dance

Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard.

Amazing Avante-garde, World, Ambient, Rock combined with folk, middle ages and Renaissance influences.  They make music that is spiritual, worldly, intelligent, soulful and very distinctive. This band is one of Saidi’s longtime favs.

Check out:

A Passage In Time

Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

Toward the Within


Exotic ambient electronic with a slightly new age feel. Very relaxing. Therapeutic for the soul. Journey back to Source.

In some of our sessions, we use albums:


Spiritual Environment

Shamanic Dream II

Robert Rich

Experimental electronic, ethno-world fusion, ambient and space music.

This guy really makes music to chill out to and has been making it since the early 80’s. One of Asante’s fav ambient artist. We often use his music in our sessions.

Check out: Nest