Over the years, we have come across some excellent and empowering resources that we are excited to share with you - books, music, teachers, healers, and other inspiring finds. May they serve you well on your journey!

Magickal Tools


We have discovered a number of correspondences that we consider indispensable for supporting our spiritual journey and our magickal practices.  We consider these to be our super powers!  These are excellent tools for protecting and healing  our energy bodies and they support our alignment with Love, with Light, and with our True Will.  Check them out!

Magick Books


Wow!  So you know that old saying: so many books, so little time!  Well, that is how we think of it anyway.  So much knowledge and inspiration out there, right at our finger tips.  Here are just a few of the books that have especially spoken to us, as of late.

Lord Ganesha


Where would we be without all of the amazing beings that have come before us and that help guide us towards the Light, towards our Higher Selves?  We are so grateful for all of the glorious wisdom and guidance that has been shared with us and we are inspired to turn you on to those who hold a special place in our hearts.  Some of these inspirations arrived in human bodies, some not so much!

Indian Music


We have both contemplated what we would do if we had to chose between living without sight - or living without sound.  Music is such an integral part of our experience and we cannot imagine being without it.  It has the power to stir the soul and move us in unbelievably profound ways.  We've included a few that especially resonate - that make it especially easy to remember our eternal connection to Source.



Some of our most joyful experiences are going to visit our favorite shops and cafes and the lovely people that we meet there.  We love the connections we make and so appreciate how warm and inviting these places are.  Now more than ever it is important to support local so we don't lose these special places and these important interactions with people.  We are excited to highlight our favs here!  We wish them all the best!