Nectar Cafe

1925 NE 42nd Avenue | Portland, OR

This place holds a very special place in our heart - this is where we met!!  The start of it all.  We were actually watching each other for almost two years coming in and out of the cafe, but we were both too shy to make the first move.  Destiny finally had her way though and our first words to each other were spoken.  We haven't been without each other since that fateful and beautiful day!  But enough about us!  This lovely cafe has excellent vegan fare and scrumptious baked goods (mostly all gluten-free!), wonderfully friendly people, and a cozy, inviting atmosphere.  We sing their praises and recommend highly!  Women-owned too.  Yay!

The Fossil Cartel

333 SW Taylor St. Unit 150 | Portland, OR

An excellent resource for all of your stone and gem needs.  Amazing selection of minerals and crstals, as well as a beautiful array of jewelry and other lovely gifts.  The people that work here are quite knowledgeable and wonderfully sweet.  We love our visits here!

New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd Ave | Portland, OR

Their website touts: One of the largest spiritual bookstores and resources for conscious living in the US.  Need we say more?! Seriously.  We adore this place for all of the amazing variety of pretty much absolutely everything we need to support our spiritual and magickal practices (they do not have an apothecary though!) - books, crystals, incense, meditation cushions, tarot cards, gifts, tapestries, candles, everything!  They support a really wide variety of traditions too, which feels especially awesome.  If it is going to elevate your consciousness, you are likely to find it here!  And with a wonderfully inviting service team to boot, what's not to love?  We have sooo much fun at this place.  Oh yeah - they also host classes and events.  Check out their website to see their latest. 

Black Rock Coffee Bar
Various locations

No list of ours would be complete without mentioning this uber-friendly little coffee shop.  The coffee here is excellent and the people are some of our absolute favorites.  Such a gem!

Powell's Books | The World's Largest Independent Bookstore

1005 W Burnside St | Portland, OR

If you live in Portland, you already know, but we just had to include this in our list.  We adore getting lost in this place, as they have everything you could ever imagine and absolutely everything that you never thought to imagine!  Absolutely awe-inspiring!  And if you're not a local to PDX, not to worry - you can purchase online and they will ship to you.  Awesome!  It is especially important in this day and age to support places such as this, so we don't lose them.  It would be a travesty to lose our bookstores!  And this one is especially special and holds a dear place in the hearts of many.

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