The year of 2020 brought about many challenges, not only on a collective level, but on a personal one as well.  These challenges have brought about some serious reassessment of our goals, our daily lives, our relationships, our health, and our spiritual connection.  Much of the old has fallen away and we are now looking at what we want to replace it with.  We are aware on a deep level that we do not want to return to our previous way of existence.  We long for a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.  We yearn to reconnect with our creativity, with a healthier sexual expression, a more fulfilling livelihood, and to engage in more nourishing relationships.   We recognize that life is precious and short - and we want to live it to its fullest and in a way that is more in alignment with the truth of our hearts.

We can see more clearly that serious change is needed, but many of us don't know quite where to start.  It can feel overwhelming and we're not sure what to address first.  We recognize we need support in finding a new way, exploring new opportunities, stepping into our new reality - but how? 

This is where this program comes in!  It is geared towards supporting your total life transformation.  Body, mind, and spirit.  The teachings help you to get in touch with many of the unconscious and unhealthy patterns that have been running on autopilot.  We will be clearing those out with energy healing sessions, daily breathing practice, and various writing practices and ritual.   Working consciously with the energy body brings about powerful, transformative, life-changing results.  We are beyond talk-therapy at this stage of the game.   We need a more scientific, spiritual approach.  Spirituality and quantum physics are at the heart of this program.

The purpose of this program is to teach a whole new way of being in the world - it is supporting a healthy life-style that helps you get in touch with what truly matters to you and then align yourself with how you want to live your life in a way that feels meaningful and authentic to YOU - beyond all the societal conditioning and unrealistic expectations.  We will clear out the old and make way for the new!


What sets this program apart from all others is that it includes 10 transformational energy healing sessions and 12 personalized one-on-one instructional meetings with us - both via Zoom and/or in-person, depending on your location on the planet.  Having taken a number of on-line programs ourselves, we recognize the need for actual real one-on-one time with the creators and instructors of the teachings.  While we appreciate the convenience of on-line learning, we sorely miss the personal connection and access to live teachers - being able to ask questions, receive feedback, feel their energy, experience human connection.  We ourselves need and love that one-on-one interaction!  This spiritual and personal growth stuff is intense - and we need personalized support!

And no other program that we know of includes actual personalized energy healing sessions to support the teachings and one-on-one guidance.  As you are working through the teachings and practices, bringing your challenges and issues to your awareness and to the forefront of your consciousness, we are there to support the clearing and release of the unhealthy energies with super-powered two-practitioner healing sessions!  Amazing!  This unbelievably supercharges your healing and transformation process.

We are super passionate about supporting people on their journey in a really big and powerful way.  That is why Saidi has developed this program that supports our working with people in precisely this huge way to bring about huge transformation.  That is what truly speaks to us.  We know the power of these modalities and the combination of all of this is absolutely amazing!  We are thrilled to be offering such a unique experience to you!


Clear unhealthy patterns and behaviors inherited from our family and society. Regain a sense of purpose, meaning, and trust. Release unconscious fears that are holding you back.  Step powerfully into healthy feminine and healthy masculine energies!

Open your heart to more fully give and receive love - standing strong, confident, and courageous in releasing unhealthy relationship patterns.

Reconnect to your own unique experience of spirituality, free from religious dogma, unhealthy rules, and hierarchies - find your own power and authority from within!


Reclaim your healthy sexual nature, free from guilt and shame - free from fear of rejection and punishment. Connect from a place of fullness and love, not from a place of lack, insecurity, or resentment.

Improve health and vitality, clear stress and anxiety, reconnect with your creative force!


Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I tired of repeating the same old unfulfilling relationship patterns?

  • Am I tired of living with the underlying fear and anxiety that I'm not doing enough, not good enough, that it is too late to make changes?

  • Do I wonder what my purpose is and is there any meaning to all of this?

  • Do I feel disconnected from my personal power and my creativity?

  • Is my health limiting me from living a fully engaged life?

  • Is my sex life lacking true satisfaction, fulfillment, and nourishing connection?

  • Am I lonely, discontent, and lacking purpose?

  • Am I disconnected from any sense of meaningful spirituality?

  • Am I stuck in ruts and repeating the same day over and over again?

  • Do I feel disconnected from my emotions and from my heart?

  • Do I feel like I missed the boat somewhere along the way, even though I did all the things I was supposed to do with my life?

  • Am I ready to make some serious changes, but not sure how to get started?

  • Am I ready to step into my power and live a fulfilling life of connection, creativity, improved health and empowered sexuality?

  • Am I ready to commit to doing the work needed to totally transform my life?

  • Am I ready to have my mind expanded, my body awakened, my spirit connected, and my soul inspired?

  • Am I tired of the impersonal on-line courses that lack personal attention and actual talk-time with the instructor?

  • Would I appreciate one-on-one personalized weekly guidance to support me on my journey?

  • Am I excited at the idea of weekly energy healing sessions to clear out old patterns and traumas - and to supercharge and heal my energy body?


If you answered yes to at least five of these questions, you are in the right place and we invite you to continue reading!  So grateful that you are here.


By the end of this intensive 12-week program, you will feel a new sense of ease in your entire being and greater clarity about what truly matters to you and how to go about aligning with that. You will have greater understanding of your true purpose and will be free from many of the unhealthy constraints that have been holding you back from being in your authenticity and from having the fulfilling, nourishing relationships you long for. You will be free from many debilitating habits, patterns, and energies. You will have an entirely new way of being in the world and a truer sense of who you really are beneath all the old programming and fear! You will have all the tools you need for living a successful, authentic, creative, joyful and nourishing life rich with healthy connections, abundance, and love.  A tall order for sure, but that is the power of this program!


You receive all of this and so much more!
  • 10 Customized and Powerful Energy Healing Sessions!

  • 12 Hours One-On-One Personalized Instruction Meetings with Saidi and Asante!

  • 12 Weeks of Transformative Teachings and Exercises

  • Tons of Downloadable PDFs and Resources

  • Bonus practices throughout to supercharge your experience!

  • A Complete Daily Spiritual Practice and Rituals

  • Email access to Saidi and Asante to support you throughout your journey

  • And a whole new YOU!


The following is a list of highlights from the course. In addition to all this powerful content, what sets this program apart from all others is that it includes 10 transformational energy healing sessions and 12 personalized one-on-one instructional meetings with us - both via Zoom or in-person, depending on your location on the planet. The program is chock-full with teachings, exercises, resources, instruction, suggestions, and downloadable PDF's.

  • Week One: Setting Intention, Opening Ceremony, Establishing a Daily Practice

  • Week Two: Nutritional Foundation, Energy Body Health

  • Week Three: Exploring Masculine and Feminine, Create Your Own Reality - an Intro to Quantum Physics

  • Week Four: Integration and Reflection

  • Week Five: Unhealthy Masculine and Feminine Energies - in Ourselves, in Relationships, in Society, The Importance of Spiritual Connection

  • Week Six: Unhealthy Relationship Patterns and Sexuality, Grief Experiences and Inherited Ancestral Trauma

  • Week Seven: Cord Cutting Ceremony and Working With Our Shadow

  • Week Eight: Integration and Reflection

  • Week Nine: Exploring Healthy Masculine and Feminine, Empowered Sexuality

  • Week Ten: Fostering the Divine Within - Vision Board

  • Week Eleven: Step Into Your New Reality

  • Week Twelve: Closing Ceremony, Carrying it into the Future - Your Plan for Success


Being that this is such an intensive program, we are definitely asking a lot of our participants!  So the first requirement from you is a super-strong desire for change and a willingness to do this powerful work!  And we are so grateful to be supporting you every step of the way.  That being said, we will need you to commit to the following:

  • A minimum of 15 minutes daily practice of breath-work and meditation

  • Two to four hours weekly for teachings and writing practices

  • Occasional rituals throughout

  • Weekly energy healing sessions - half of these will be in-person sessions with us if you live in the Portland area and half of the sessions will be remote.  For non-local participants, all sessions will be remote.

  • Weekly guidance sessions either remote or in-person

Does the thought of all of this get you inspired and super-excited about embarking on this journey with us?  Yes?  Yay!  Us too!  And if not, then this program is certainly not the one for you.  And that is totally okay!  Perhaps it will be at some point in the future and you will know where to find us if need be. 


Again, we are passionate about supporting BIG change and want to work with others who are ready for that level of growth.  So if this is you, we look forward to hearing from you!

Feel Free to Email With Any Questions - Just Fill Out Our Contact Form!


You receive all 12 powerful weeks of personalized healing sessions, life teachings, one-on-one guidance, and tons of life-changing resources for:


$4500 ~ one-time payment

$1549 x 3 ~ or spread your payment over three months

WOW!  That sounds awesome!  How do I sign up?

Just send us an email to reserve your spot and we'll send payment instructions.  So excited for you to join us!


Our next start date is on the Virgo New Moon - September 6th and runs through November 27th.

Due to the intensive and highly personalized nature of this program, we will be limiting the number of participants to 3.  Yep - that's right.  3!  Will you be joining us on this amazing, life-transforming journey?

Our following cohort will be starting in January and hopefully we will be able to open it up to a greater number of participants at that point.