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We are so grateful that you are here.  Let us dive right in to what we are all about here:

We recognize that being in a human body and having a human experience can be extremely challenging and rather painful.  Pretty much all of us have endured some sort of trauma, serious loss, intense grief, or other circumstance that has caused us harm – whether that be emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual – and oftentimes all of the above.  Life is challenging!  We recognize this, having gone through our own intense traumas, losses, grief, and disconnection.  We have spent a lifetime finding our way back to our hearts, to our authentic selves, and the journey continues.  There is always room for greater heart opening and greater awareness.  Through our process of coming back to center, reestablishing our connection to Spirit (or Source, God/Goddess, Christ-Consciousness, Buddha-nature, Self - whatever works for you!), we are moved to support others in their journey back to Self. 

We are getting real and are inviting you to get real too!  Just let it all hang out.  No pretenses.  We are not all rainbows and unicorns here, not all airy-fairy, and we are not fluffing.  Let’s own the fact that this sh*t is challenging and now let’s take some steps to move towards more authenticity, more heart-opening, more love, more creativity and self-expression – free from all the fear and negativity that plagues our current experience.  This energy stuff works.  It just does.   We’ve both been through the ringer and we know what works, which is why we are so compelled to offer energy support sessions!  Take a look at our Offerings page, see what speaks to you, and let’s get going on creating a happier, healthier experience for you.

Merkaba Heart Energetics: providing energy healing, sound healing, crystal healing, and spiritual guidance in the Portland, Oregon area


Two energy healing practitioners and a harmonious blend of energy healing modalities all converge to create this powerful and effective session that supports your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

sound immersion

Using sound modalities such as drums, rattles, bowls, didgeridoo and tuning forks, as well as voice, we invite the you to relax into a journey towards Self.

Healing divine


Crystals, heated stones, Reiki, and tuning forks start the process of restoring you to balance so that you have a healthier, more integrated experience of your mind and body, your sexuality, your creative force, and your innate Divine Feminine power.



Wondering what its all about and looking to discuss it with another like-minded individual?  Curious about a new direction and looking for guidance?  Or maybe you just need someone to listen as you bounce around some ideas. 


This is an extremely powerful energy healing modality that clears stagnation, blockages, traumas, and all sorts of challenges that might be hanging out in your energy field. 


Merkaba Heart


I know the healing and transformative power of energy work, especially when sound is incorporated.  It has been a lifelong calling of mine to support others on their journey towards authenticity.  Learn more about my motivation on our Philosophy page.


Magickal Tools



Indispensable tools and correspondences for your spiritual path and magickal practices

Magick Books


A compilation of some our fav must-read books to support you on your journey


Amazing wisdom beings and teachers - we are forever grateful for their guidance and teachings

Shamanic Drum


Some of our most cherished music - the soundtrack of our lives

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